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Get the best of Jute products from the house of Peet Aamber Industries

Are you looking for fine products of Jute from a renowned company? Then you have stepped into the right place. Welcome to the Peet Aamber Industries for the best of jute products that you will need. We have been gaining a name in this space, for the past 22 years, gaining and constantly building a happy clientele. We uphold the utilitarianism of Jute and various products that can be made from the mother product; hence we have involved an experienced team of professionals who can work 24X7 in shifts to complete requirements for the clients. Our establishment is at Kolkata, and we have been making a name locally and as well as internationally in this regard. With the improvement in the Jute industry, we can proudly and sincerely say that we have also made an effort in making an international brand name. So, when you look for the absolute perfection in the product making of jute, contact us without giving a second thought.

Why should you choose us?

  • The past 22 years have been a great time in making a happy clientele. Choose us to know more about our way of service.
  • We have been a name even in the international jute sector, which is a huge success for us.
  • Our only motto is to give the best and hence, we only use 100% jute from our sister's concern.
  • The technology and well equipped factory has been a helping hand in making such a good impression with our products.
  • Our team can work for 24X7 to deliver the desired amount by the clients.
  • Professional and experienced Staffs
  • Reasonable price and free quote

Choose our name when you have to pick one, in the jute industry, and we will not leave you with complains!

Our Products

Jute Yarn, Jute twine, Cotton yarn, Welt cord, etc.

Jute webbing, Jute  tape, Jute belt, Jute  strap for binding of shoes & sandals, bag handles, tree ties, etc.

Jute or Burlap webbing, Jute  tape, Jute belt, Jute  strap, Furniture webbing for upholstery, furniture & binding.

Jute or Burlap webbing, Jute  tape, Jute belt, Jute  strap, Furniture webbing for upholstery, furniture & binding..

Jute Hessian cloth, burlap cloth, Jute fabrics, Jute sacking bags, Jute hessian bags & Burlap bags.

Jute  tape, Jute Tree tie, Jute Bandage, Jute scrim,  Jute Ribbon, Jute  strap used as decoratives, tree ties & wrapping.

Cotton Webbing, cotton tapes  newar for bag handles, web handles, cuffs of hand gloves, binding, etc.