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Welcome to Peet Aamber Industries, one of the leading and largest manufacturer and exporter of top notch jute webbing, jute tapes and jute ribbons. Since the inception of the company, in 1994, we have been keen on building a name for ourselves, in the jute industry. In India, Jute industry is one of the high grossing industries which brings in the staple product, jute that is, into action. Our business is primarily sourced from our sister company's jute mill, therefore, you can rely on the quality of product that we use. Our main aim is to provide the ultimate quality jute product, hence, we take no help from other sources apart from that of the sister companies. You will be amazed to know that we are the only producer of 100% original content for jute webbing, jute tapes and jute ribbon. Hence, when you go into the market to get hold of a manufacture of the same, look no other but Peet Aamber Industries, for this sake. Kolkata is the city where we have our establishment, and you can anytime give us a visit to check the quality of our work.

Why has the Jute industry gained a name?

100% natural Jute has been gaining popularity in the country for a while. And, the reason for its popularity is the usage of Jute in the handloom and handicraft sector. But, with their popularity in these sectors, jute has been gaining a name even in the industrial spheres. And, the population adding some more fuel, the nation has accepted the use of jute in making bags and clothes as well. The use of sack and jute belts, tapes and ribbon has also made the lives of the commoners an easy one. Therefore, this very much explains the name it has been gaining ever since.

Why should you choose Peet Aamber industries for your Jute requirement?

  • We use state of the art technology to make the best jute webbing, tapes and ribbon.
  • The 100% natural fibre is used by very rare companies, and we happen to be one of the prime members of this rarity.
  • Our Jute products can be used in any industry with ease. Be it handloom, handicraft or industrial, we can supply our products to any space with bulk requirements.
  • We have fully automatic high speed weaving machine which can produce as high as 48 metric tons of jute products in a month. And, this helps in delivering bulk requirements within a limited time frame.
  • We have a team of professionals who are working for 24X7 to meet the requirement of the clients according to his will and wish.
  • We have been making a name in the local and as well as in the international market of Jute Industry.

Give us a call at our number or contact us, and we would promise to deliver the correct amount of products with perfection.

Our products includes like Cotton Tapes , Cotton Webbing , Cotton Twine , Spindle Tapes , Jute Wrapping , Jute Twine , Hessian Cloth , Jute Belt and more.

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